• A Bibliography of 16th Century Numismatic Books by Dekesel, C.

A Bibliography of 16th Century Numismatic Books by Christian E. Dekesel

Hardback, Green gilt, Casebound, 1104 pages, illustrated in black and white throughout

Early numismatic publications contain invaluable evidence which can shed new light upon unsolved numismatic questions. This is the starting point and the raison d’etre of this major new book. For almost 200 years the main bibliographic source for identifying early numismatic publications was Bibliotheca Numaria, published by JG Lipsius in 1801. It contains 405 references to 16th century numismatic publications, including many multiple entries referring to the same book.

During the last thirty years Christian E Dekesel has not only identified but also analysed page by page these early publications, enabling him to expand the Lipsius bibliography to no less thatn 1148 titles (almost threefold), many unknown to Lipsius and his predecessors.

The first part of the book consists of a critical analysis of the numismatic bibliographies of FE Bruckmann (1729, 1732, 1741), JC Hirsch (1760) and JG Lipsius (1801), in which the author endeavours to determine their accuracy along with their major deficiencies.

The second part consists of an alphabetical catalogue of all 16th century numismatic books which he has located and analysed, excluding all secondary references from other bibliographies. Each book has been the subject of a detailed bibliographic analysis, and ‘autopsy’, as the author has termed it. No less than 736 of the entries are accompanied by an illustration of their title page.

All entries are categorized under six headings, each dealing with a different aspect of the subject:

 1. Publications about the coins themselves, their physical appearance, their relationship and/or their place in an historical context.

2. Publications concerning monetary history and theory.

3. Publications about weights and measures. Coin books, account books, and traders’ exchange lists containing an author’s name.

4. Histories of the lives of the Roman emperors, empresses and their families, and of other kings, queens and notables, illustrated with con-like images, or referring to the use of coinage.

5. General historical publications containing numismatic references.

The heart of this remarkable book is the alphabetical catalogue – the index is its soul. Christian Dekesel has thought long and hard on behalf of potential users of this new work. The third part contains an extensive specialised bibliography of 16th century publications in general and, by the use of a series of detailed indexes of authors, translators, printers, publishers, places and dates of publication, and of libraries with holdings of 16th century numismatic material, it is possible to search for a specific book from many different angles.

Lipsius remained the standard numismatic bibliography of early numismatic books for 196 years – Christian Dekesel’s remarkable work is destined to exceed that.


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A Bibliography of 16th Century Numismatic Books by Dekesel, C.

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