• A'dan Z'ye Osmanli Numismatik El Kitabi by Damali, Dr. A.

Published by Nilufer Damali Egitim, Kultur ve Cevre Vakfi 2014 Istanbul

Hardback, 234 pages, illustrated in colour, Written in Turkish. 

There are 37 states today in the territories included in the Ottoman Empire. In order to complete the Ottoman Sikkeleri Historical work, which was investigated on a nearly 10-year-old Cyrillic, it was necessary to carry out research in this vast area, a dynamic settlement, in important museums in dozens of different countries. Apart from Turkey, the United States, Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Oman, After months and years of interviews and examinations, the museum and collection near the face formed an important archives about the Ottoman coins and the book of 9 volumes of "History of Ottoman Sikkeleri" was completed. After the completion of the basic work, I think it would be useful to prepare a reference book by evaluating the collected information within the scope of this research. I share with the Ottoman historians the handbook which was prepared under this thought and which explains Ottoman numism in alphabetical order from A to Z in terms of metal coins, paper money, medallions and other parts ... 

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A'dan Z'ye Osmanli Numismatik El Kitabi by Damali, Dr. A.

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