• Centennial Publication of the American Numismatic Society New York 1958

Centennial Publication of the American Numismatic Society New York 1958

The American Numismatic Society, New York, 1958. XII, 712 pages, 50 plates. Red Cloth, gold gilt. Fine condition with slight wear to spine and cover, all pages intact and complete, tighlty bound. This book was published over 60 years ago and is in great condition. 
Great value and excellent selection of essays:

Adelson, H. L.: Silver Currency and Values in the Early Byzantine Empire./ Afföldi, A.: The Portrait of Caesar on the Denarii of 44 B.C. and the Sequence of the Issues./ Altekar, A. S.: A Knotty Problem Connected with the Coinage of Azes./ Babelon, J.: Le Roi Pyrrhos./ Bellinger, A.: A Hoard of Silver Coins of the Empire of Nicaea./ Beltran, P.: Introduccion del "Mancuso"en la Economia Carolingia./ Berghaus, P.: Der Münzenfund von Werl (Westfalen) 1955, vergraben um 1240./ Blunt, C. E.: XVII-XIX Century Manuscript Material on Anglo-Saxon Coins./ Breen, W. H.: Brasher & Bailey: Pioneer New York Coiners, 1787-1792./ Breglia, L.: Questioni ponderali./ Caley, E. R.: Chemical Composition of Alexandrian Tetradrachms./ Carson, R. A. G.: The Coinage and Chronology of A.D. 238./ Gabrici, E.: La Nike funebre delle monete di Elis./ Galster, G.: Notes on the Danish Mint-Masters in the Middle Ages before 1377./ Gebhart, H.: Von der Numismatik zur Geldgeschichte./ Van Gelder, E.: Les plus anciens tarifs monétaires illustrés des Pays-Bas./ Gerassimov, T.: The Alexandrine Tetradrachms of Cabyle in Thrace./ Ghirshman, R.: Trois monnaies Parthes inédites./ Grant, M.: Asses of Orichalcum./ Grierson, P.: Some Modern Forgeries of Carolingian Coins./ Grotemeyer, P.: Eine Medaille des Andrea Doria von Christoph Weiditz./ Grunthal, H.: Richard Wagner in Medallic Art./ Hävernick, W.: "Cooperation": Some Thoughts and Suggestions for the Intensification of Numismatic Research./ Holzmair, E.: Rechnung und Zahlung./ Jenkins, G. K.: A Note on Corinthian Coins in the West./ Kennepohl, K.: Der Ostfriesische Münzmeister Dietrich Iden./ Lacroix, L.: A propos des représentations de boucliers sur les monnaies grecques./ Lafaurie. J.: Trésor de monnaies carolingiennes découvert dans le Jura./ Laurent, V.: L'Emblème du lis dans la numismatique byzantine: son origine./ Loehr, A.: Ein Vierteljahrhundert Wiener Münzkabinett./ Mattingly, H.: A Coinage of the Revolt of Fregellae?/ Mazard, J.: Le Grand Sceau de France (depuis 1789)./ Miles, G. C.: The Early Islamic Bronze Coinage of Egypt./ Naster, P.: La technique des revers partiellement incus de monnaies phéniciennes./ Nesmith, R. I.: A Hoard of the First Silver Coins of Nuevo Reino de Granada (Colombia)./ Newman, E. P.: A Recently Discovered Coin Solves a Vermont Numismatic Enigma/ Noe, S. P.: A Lycian Hoard./ Pink, K.: Die Medaillonprägung unter Carus und seinen Söhnen./ Pradeau, A. F.: Store-Cards or Tokens of Mexico./ Robert, L.: Sur des types de monnaies impériales d'Asie Mineure./ Robinson, E. S. G.: Some Electrum and Gold Greek Coins./ Seltman, C.: The Ring of Polycrates./ Seyrig, H.: Parion au 3e siècle avant notre ère./ Sutherland, C. H. V.: Diocletian's Reformed Coinage in Britain and Related Problems./ Thompson, M.: The Grain-Ear Drachms of Athens./ Thordeman, B.: A Numismatic Study of a King without a Coinage./ Tourneur, V.: L'Atelier monetaire d'Anvers des temps mérovingiens au XIIe siecle./ Walker, J.: A Unique Medal of the Seljuk Tughrilbeg./ Whitehead, R. B.: Coins and Indian History.].


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Centennial Publication of the American Numismatic Society New York 1958

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