• Tokens of the Industrial Revolution by Manville, H.E.

Tokens of the Industrial Revolution by Manville, H.E.
Hardback, 307 pp., 55 plates and black & white illustrations

During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries a severe shortage of silver coins hampered trade in Great Britain - just at the time when manufacturing developments required increasing amounts of coin to pay factory workers in the new industries. The need was particularly great in cotton-spinning which depended upon iron-smelting for its machinery, and which in turn, depended upon coal-mining for its power source. Throughout a forty-year period in the late 18th and early 19th centuries the lack of silver coin was partially met in these and other industries by countermarking foreign coins, chiefly Spanish dollars from the New World mines which were available, in millions, from capture and trade.

Most of these tokens were stamped with a valuation slightly above their bullion value so that the coins could circulate and not be tossed into a melting pot. This innovation was particularly prevalent in Scotland, much less so in England - where the Bank of England tried extensive issues in 1797 and 1804 that failed under the massive weight of counterfeiting - and hardly at all in Ireland. The present volume outlines the historical, economic and social background of each city, town or even village which issued these countermarked tokens and attempts a corpus of all known examples.

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Tokens of the Industrial Revolution by Manville, H.E.

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