• SCBI 67 Anglo-Saxon Coins II by Naismith, R.

Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles 67, British Museum, Anglo-Saxon Coins II. Southern English Coinage from Offa to Alfred c. 760-880  by Naismith, R.

Hardback, 320 pages, 61 black and white plates

This publication catalogues the British Museum’s uniquely important collection of coins from southern England of the period c. 760–880. During these years, the broad and thin silver penny became established as the standard denomination, used by multiple kingdoms including East Anglia, Kent, Mercia and Wessex, and issued in the names of kings such as Offa of Mercia and Alfred the Great. As a window into the culture and ideology of Anglo-Saxon England at a time of impressive cultural achievement and increasing political complexity, the beautiful coins of this period are an indispensable resource, with value for all those interested in the art, history and archaeology of the eighth and ninth centuries.

 Containing more than 1,400 coins, the British Museum’s collection represents the single richest collection for the period, and stands out for its holdings of both famous rarities and large representative runs of numerous coin-types. This is the first catalogue of this part of the Museum’s collection to be published since the nineteenth century, since which time it has expanded dramatically in size. All coins are illustrated and described in full, and set into context with an introduction surveying their numismatic and historical background, including a description of the history of the collection itself.

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SCBI 67 Anglo-Saxon Coins II by Naismith, R.

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