The London Mint of Constantius & Constantine by Cloke, H. J. & Toone, L.
This book is a comprehensive catalogue and survey of the output of the London mint from AD 296 when Constantius I invaded Britain to wrest the 'Britannic Empire' from Allectus, to its closure in 325 when his son and successor, Contstantine I, began to shift his power base to the East/ During this period the London mint was responsible for a vast output of Roman coinage.
The authors of this book have expanded the number of known London types from the 617 recorded in Volume VI and VII of The Roman Imperial Coinage (RIC), to 1,037, 90 per cent of which are illustrated on plates facing the catalogue tables in sylloge format.
Supported with historical background narratives, indices, and a concordance with RIC, the catalogue also includes a hoard census which lists numbers of coins for each type found in four major hoards. This enables an objective rarity value to be assigned to each coin type.
This book proposes to become the standard reference work on the London mint for years to come and invites the reader to become part of the on-going construction of this catalogue as new types are discovered and recorded.

Regular updates including corrections and addendum can be found on Lee Toone's website

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The London Mint of Constantius & Constantine by Cloke, H. J. & Toone, L.

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