Coin Hoards Vol. IX by Meadows, A. & Wartenberg, U. RNS SP35
Hardback with dust jacket, 308 pages, 66 plates

This, the ninth volume of Coin Hoards, is again dedicated solely to hoards of Greek coins. It includes hoards from all areas around the Mediterranean from the sixth century BC to the second century AD. Coin Hoards IX, together with the previous volumes in the series, thus forms an essential supplement to the Inventory of Greek Coin Hoards, published in 1973 by Thompson, Morkholm and Kraay.

Since the last volume, published eight years ago, the number of Greek coin hoards has increased considerably. Not only does this volume list new hoards, but it also updates and often amends information on hoards already published. Overall, the inventory for this volume consists of 744 entries, with detailed references to find-spot (if known), content, approximate burial date and bibliography. In addition to the inventory, Coin Hoards IX also contains the detailed publication of a number of significant hoards. An important aspect of this volume is the inclusion of 66 plates of photographs illustrating a large proportion of those coins described. This volume will be in indispensable tool for all future research in the field.

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Coin Hoards Vol. IX by Meadows, A. & Wartenberg, U. RNS SP35

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